Spring wedding

This special day took place in beautiful Namur, Belgium. The sun came out just for us and the moments will stay not only in photos but also in precious memories. It was my pleasure to photograph the wedding of this happy gorgeous couple.

Spring gardens for flower enthusiasts

…and there were flowers. Well, to be precise, there were hundreds of different tulip varieties and other types of blossoms in Keukenhof, Holland. In the neighbouring country, Belgium, Floralia offers a smaller, yet beautiful and less crowded Spring garden setting. As the title suggests, these wonders are only open for a few weeks during April… Read the full article

Holiday on a boat

During these rainy spring days it’s nice to dream about summer holidays and make exciting plans. Maybe you feel like doing something completely different this year. Ever rented a BOAT? There are several countries in Europe which offer this possibility, even for beginners. So if interested, these photos from last summer, along the Canal du… Read the full article

Carnival portraits of Binche

There are inspiring people all around, but photographing strangers in daily life can be tricky. Carnivals offer a nice exception and people are not bothered by the numerous photographers, some even happily pose for you. While waiting for the parade in Binche, Belgium, I had a good chance to get close-ups of the general public,… Read the full article

The sad beauty of a ghost town

It’s not often you get to see a ghost town, or maybe we simply close our eyes from the battles of others. The small town of Doel in Belgium reached headlines few years back when its citizens resisted the plan to build a harbor replacing their homes. After a confusing drive in a wide construction… Read the full article

Finland – the winter wonderland?

Times have changed and even Finland cannot guarantee snow for Christmas anymore. Growing up I can hardly remember not being able to build snow castles and snowmen, not to mention ice skating on a lake and sliding down the almost non-existent hills of my old hometown. Times have changed, and it’s not the lack of… Read the full article

Villers Abbey, Belgium

Compact sized Belgium never stops surprising you. This old Villers Abbey, located in the backyard of Brussels, is another picturesque day trip location. The ruins are dramatic even in the warm sun light, and one could easily feel lonely and lost in thought if visiting the spot alone. The abbey and its detailed structures would,… Read the full article

Beauty of autumn

One could list several not-so-popular things about autumn, but there is no arguing against the beauty of colorful leaves that we can only enjoy during this special season. Botanic Garden Meise, Belgium, offers an excellent spot for autumn photos since the range of colors and different kinds of trees is greatly varied. Or if you… Read the full article

Nightly fairytale of Ghent

I had my very first glance at Ghent at a nightly hour, now three years ago. I truly felt I had stepped into a fairytale where the prettiest houses and lights were reflected on the water of the endless canals. The scenery felt unreal, like I was walking in the sets of a big Hollywood… Read the full article

We are beautiful

I find portrait photography especially fascinating and enjoy the challenge of creating a connection through the process. Unlike other types of photography, portrait photography relies purely on communication between the model and the photographer. Without a common ‘language’, it would be hard to reach good results no matter how skillful the participants of the photoshoot… Read the full article