What’s the purpose of your holiday?

I was sitting on a train, pondering about a message I had received from a friend: “If you find it useful, write down your intentions for this trip, enjoy the moments in the present, and catch what life brings in your way.” For someone who naturally reflects on everything, even the most unnecessary things at… Read the full article

Learning to love your body

“Feeling comfortable with your body even if you do not find some parts of it super beautiful is what I consider healthy self-love and body positivity. It is feeling good and at home in your own skin for yourself, and not for others. Our body can do so much more, and we are so much… Read the full article

Intrigued by China

China is a good example of how cultures change and how our desire to discover the “old,” isn’t necessarily what we should aspire. In other words, we may be blind to see the reality if we chase the dreams of the past. So I didn’t find the China that I was looking for – I’m… Read the full article

Presence of a goddess

Sometimes we have a hard time describing our dreams and thoughts in words. Capturing these in a photograph is yet another challenge – the kind I enjoy. I’ve named this empowering photoshoot as Presence of Goddess. She was searching for that look. The one depicted in black & white photographs. The one of older people… Read the full article

In Peace

A walk in the woods. While listening to the calming breeze. A breath of fresh air. While watching ants on their mission. A moment of meditation. While surrounded by purple flowers. In the evening sun rays. One’s mind rests in peace.

Dancing through life

Her spirits high and full of energy. Her movements dramatic yet smooth. Her words strong and powerful with the softest voice. Her smile the happiest and sincere. One day she will amaze even herself.  

Best of Bulgaria

Sofia – Burgas – Vaya Beach – Nesebar – Plovdiv – Melnik – Rila Lakes – Sofia 6 Days. A little rental car. Local hosts and Airbnb. Memorable moments: vegetarian bagels in Sofia, swimming with the jelly fish, street of flags in Plovdiv, sunburn at the Rila lakes, CATS, kids playing with a water fountain,… Read the full article

Love on the island

I was delighted to witness pure happiness of this gorgeous couple and capture their love for lasting memories. They chose a beautiful place on the island of Texel in the Netherlands for the photoshoot and it was an inspiring day for me as a photographer as well. Something about this couple makes me believe in… Read the full article

Japan – the country of childhood dreams

Since an early age I had dreamed of traveling to many Asian countries, including Japan. As a child, I learned to eat with chopsticks at home (only later I realized there’s something called sticky rice), I had slept on a futon most of my life and insisted my table to be low enough for me… Read the full article

You. Me. Oui.

Sunny day. Happy people. Beautiful wedding. This gorgeous multicultural wedding took place in the peaceful countryside of Netherlands. People arrived from different countries to share the special day with Linda and Meherzad, and it was a joy to witness united happiness in the unique moments. These photos are here to tell a story of the… Read the full article