Beauty of autumn

One could list several not-so-popular things about autumn, but there is no arguing against the beauty of colorful leaves that we can only enjoy during this special season. Botanic Garden Meise, Belgium, offers an excellent spot for autumn photos since the range of colors and different kinds of trees is greatly varied. Or if you… Read the full article

Nightly fairytale of Ghent

I had my very first glance at Ghent at a nightly hour, now three years ago. I truly felt I had stepped into a fairytale where the prettiest houses and lights were reflected on the water of the endless canals. The scenery felt unreal, like I was walking in the sets of a big Hollywood… Read the full article

We are beautiful

I find portrait photography especially fascinating and enjoy the challenge of creating a connection through the process. Unlike other types of photography, portrait photography relies purely on communication between the model and the photographer. Without a common ‘language’, it would be hard to reach good results no matter how skillful the participants of the photoshoot… Read the full article

On the road again

Europe offers many nice road trip possibilities and one can easily cover several countries since distances are not too hard to defeat. This journey combined Poland, (through Slovakia), Austria and Czech Republic into a round trip. Beautiful city architecture and natural sights formed the route, and the couchsurfing hosts and people met along the way… Read the full article

Blooming Eilera

This summer I had a chance to conduct yet another photoshoot with this literally rocking lady. Years of cooperation have led to new inspiring results… the best will be saved for the right moment, as I am sure Eilera will keep sharing its passion for music years to come:

The smaller wonders of Italy

Italy is one of the most visited countries in Europe, full of famous places and monuments. Even small towns can be popular and attracting visitors from all over the world. The Cinque Terre is a formation of little villages on the West coast of Italy, and the colorful houses are of course picturesque combined with… Read the full article

From fall to the spring

My experience in Belgium began last fall. Before I have noticed, the wind has blown the colorful leaves and cold nights into new life. The blue flowers of Hallerbos bloom only for a couple of weeks during the spring. This treasure of the wild nature is like a fairy forest where one could get lost… Read the full article

The endless canals of Amsterdam

February isn’t the most flattering time to explore Amsterdam as the trees framing the canals are leafless and the wind makes you shiver. Yet, the season offers a calmer ambiance even if the city seems to be always crowded with tourists. Due to the number of canals, one has a chance to easily explore further… Read the full article

Rediscovering Paris

One could spend a lifetime photographing Paris, yet this is only my second short visit in the city. We all recognize some of the famous monuments in Paris, even without stepping into the country, and this makes the job of a photographer less exciting at times. However, I choose to look for new angles and… Read the full article