Photography has a special meaning to me. It’s not only about capturing moments, saving memories and telling stories, but it also makes me see the world with different eyes and literally from many diverse angles. It allows me to dream bigger, yet it has taught me to pay attention to the little details and miracles in the nature, as well as the moods and feelings of people all around. I believe photography has made my life fuller in a sense that I appreciate the infinite surrounding creations and I am able to stop and stay in a moment even when I don’t have a camera with me.

IMG_0066I got my first camera when I was nine-years-old. After many years of practice, change of equipment, photography courses, traveling, and project assignments, I believe I am still that same kid, inspired by life and people around me. One of my deepest wishes has always been to understand the world better, and my camera has been a good companion and a remarkable help on this journey. I also hope to bring happiness to others, remind them of the beautiful things in the times of sadness and sorrow, and especially empower people through the process of self-expression, identity exploration and the art of photography.

This website focuses on photography, but as a photojournalist I am also sharing examples of my publications and a short blog with the newest images. By combining my intercultural communication study background and passion for writing with photography, I am truly doing what I love.

If you have read this far, I appreciate your interest and I hope that this website will give you at least a piece of what I have gotten from photography.