We are beautiful

I find portrait photography especially fascinating and enjoy the challenge of creating a connection through the process. Unlike other types of photography, portrait photography relies purely on communication between the model and the photographer. Without a common ‘language’, it would be hard to reach good results no matter how skillful the participants of the photoshoot would be individually.

I also believe that photoshoots can be empowering experiences where the model may explore and better understand own self-perception. To encourage this, I always try to spend an extra moment discussing the final photos with my client. I also recommend sharing the photos with a trusted circle to get even more feedback. This breaks the criticism we have of ourselves, and my clients are often stunned how others love a photo they would never want anyone to see. Photography can thus be a powerful tool that makes us understand the beauty others see in us, even inside, and we can consequently build stronger and more comprehensive self-images.

Concluding, I believe this lady in the pictures is beautiful in so many ways.

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