Learning to love your body

“Feeling comfortable with your body even if you do not find some parts of it super beautiful is what I consider healthy self-love and body positivity. It is feeling good and at home in your own skin for yourself, and not for others. Our body can do so much more, and we are so much more than our body. We are ideas, creativity, feelings, emotions. And our body is the wonderful machine that gives us the opportunity to create things, to achieve our goals and to live a fulfilling life.”

Brunna is a transformational coach who focuses on body image and our relationship with food. I was honored to learn about the transformation that she herself has gone through and to capture this in empowering images. An inspirational exchange for both of us, and a topic that touches us all 🙂 You can find out more about Brunna and the work she does on her coaching site AYVU.